Discover the Veri Once automated Credential Management Services built exclusively for employers, universities and immigration authorities.

The Veri Once Credential Management Services allows employers and educational institutions to digitize credentials, removing the need for paper-based certificates. Employers and institutions can manage, issue and revoke a variety of credentials including academic transcripts, training completion certificates and work experience documents. This will streamline a laborious and repetitive process.

Veri Once is leading industry change

Slow & Expensive Verification Process

Most admissions or HR teams use a mishmash of digital applications, and often print-based systems, to issue and manage credentials. It takes many days, and often months to complete tasks, causing missed opportunities for both the individual and admissions or HR team.

Increased Fraudulent Candidates/Applicants

From paper-based dummy certificates to replicas backed with database tampering, forged documents are widespread in different forms and are hard to counter without sophisticated technology. The lack of authenticity in the existing verification system is also leading to fraudulent submissions by employees.

Lack of secured framework

No authentic and secure framework exists that connects the issuing organization and verifying organization of credentials. There is also limited digitization at a country level without any global portability.

Veri Once Advantage

Use this platform to issue, manage, verify, and revoke credentials. Digital credentials will streamline your process and address sustainability goals.


Blockchain technology has allowed Veri Once to develop a secure platform to digitize verified credentials. An encrypted tamper-proof wallet stores all uploaded documents. This blockchain technology helps employers and university admission officers combat fraudulent documentation. Veri Once creates a higher level of digital trust.

Largest Ecosystem

The Veri Once platform is globally portable and has the ability to be the largest ecosystem of credentials worldwide. The platform can integrate with your existing applications, eliminating the traditional verification process. It is a must for a growing company or institution with a stretched team.

Digital Credential Wallet

The Veri Once digital wallet secures your academic credentials, work experience and identity documents. You have complete autonomy over your digitized credentials, controlling who can access the data and how long they have access. Veri Once stores all documents and data on encrypted blockchain technology.

Global Presence

Like the technology, The VeriOnce team is global, with offices in the USA, India and Australia. We provide comprehensive verification solutions and deep expertise in each of these regions. We offer a consultative experience and understand your culture, processes, and screening differences.

Who Can Benefit From This Solution


Students receive an authenticated digital credential that can be shared with any organization, employer or agency easily for the entirety of their career. This will give them a head start in seeking further education or applying for jobs.


Issuing and managing credentials on one digital platform will streamline a laborious and repetitive process, not to mention remove the need for students to continually request transcript verifications. It will also help universities achieve sustainability goals.


Issuing and managing workplace certificates, references and work experience directly to employers will streamline the process and dramatically reduce verification requests.