Our Specialty

Discover the Veri Once automated Credit Report Verification services, built exclusively for the healthcare industry, both Hospitals, and Medical Centers. Our primary service is to offer credit data verification of patients, facilitating better decision-making processes for clients.

Prequalified Credit Reports

We specialize in accessing prequalification credit reports, specifically focusing on prequalification reports, which incorporate the FICO credit score model.

These reports contain essential financial information that can significantly benefit Hospitals and Medical Centers in evaluating their patients' creditworthiness.

Empowering Health Institutions

Our dedication lies in presenting accurate and reliable credit data verification, empowering healthcare institutions to make well-informed decisions and extend appropriate financial assistance to their patients.

By utilizing prequalification reports with FICO credit scores, Hospitals and Medical Centers will gain deeper insights into patients' credit profiles, enabling them to tailor suitable payment plans and improve overall financial management.

Security with encryption

We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality and adhering to regulatory standards in handling sensitive financial information. Therefore, Veri Once ensures robust data security measures are in place to safeguard all consumer data throughout the verification process.

Veri Once Advantage

Use this platform to issue, manage, verify, and revoke credentials. Digital credentials will streamline your process and address sustainability goals.


Blockchain technology has allowed Veri Once to develop a secure platform to digitize verified credentials. An encrypted tamper-proof wallet stores all uploaded documents. This blockchain technology helps employers and university admission officers combat fraudulent documentation. Veri Once creates a higher level of digital trust.

Largest Ecosystem

The Veri Once platform is globally portable and has the ability to be the largest ecosystem of credentials worldwide. The platform can integrate with your existing applications, eliminating the traditional Background verification process.

Digital Credential Wallet

The Veri Once digital wallet secures your identity documents, financial reports, academic credentials, work experience. You have complete autonomy over your digitized credentials, controlling who can access the data and how long they have access. Veri Once stores all documents and data on encrypted blockchain technology.

Global Presence

Like the technology, The VeriOnce team is global, with offices in the USA, India and Asia Pacific. We provide comprehensive verification solutions and deep expertise in each of these regions. We offer a consultative experience and understand your culture, processes, and screening differences.