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Our blockchain-secure platform seamlessly connects credential issuers, verifiers, and owners, for a lifetime.


Issue, verify and evaluate work experience and credentials on one platform and streamline your hiring process.

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Issue, verify and evaluate academic credentials digitally and guarantee authenticity of transcripts submitted by students.

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Students & job seekers

Use VeriOnce as your credentials and work experience vault. Take control of your verified documents and choose when to share.

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Verify and share your customers credentials using VeriOnce and improve their likelihood of receiving a visa or university admission.

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We integrate with your existing platform

Benefit from our digital verification service without changing your existing system. We integrate with applications.

How It Works

At the heart of the VeriOnce platform is a blockchain-encrypted digital wallet that stores and authenticates an individual’s credentials and work experience. These credentials can then be shared with a variety of verifiers over a lifetime.


Credential Verification

Credentials are issued, authenticated, verified, and shared for a lifetime, all on one blockchain secured platform.


Credential Evaluation

Our AI technology evaluates academic credentials needed for university admission and immigrant visas.


Employee Verification

Streamline the hiring process with digital verification of work experience and references.


Credential Management

Manage the issuing and verification of credentials with integration of VeriOnce with your management system.

Our Technology

The VeriOnce platform uses Blockchain technology to securely house verified credentials and identification documents.

Once a document is verified, it is secured in an encrypted tamper-proof digital wallet and assigned a blockchain key. The owner of the digital wallet can allow access to their credentials using these blockchain keys.

In addition to this, credential issuing organizations, such as universities, can maintain a digital vault and store credentials they have issued to automate the many verification requests.

It is an agile, scalable and versatile platform that can be used for a variety of credentials including transcripts, work experience, references, recommendations, digital badges, and identification documents.

And it allows direct integration with HR and Student management applications.

Our story

We operate in a world where institutions and organizations are challenged by increasing incidents of inaccurate credential reporting and escalating costs of verification. Unfortunately, this leads to learning and employment opportunities being offered to less-deserving individuals. Veri Once exists to change this, to inject trust and integrity back into the verification process.

To bring the dream of digital credential verification to life, what was required first was a technology to make our solution authentic and more effective than conventional methods. The solution also had to provide an enhanced user experience, without compromising on data security.

To achieve this, Veri Once has created a blockchain-based platform that is tamper-proof. We have built an ecosystem that verifies academic credentials and work experience. It automates the process and seamlessly connects individuals, employers, universities, and agencies.

There is a great need for global infrastructure that can digitally verify credentials and work experience. A solution to provide opportunities for those who deserve it. The Veri Once platform is that infrastructure.

Our Ecosystem

What makes us different



Blockchain technology has allowed VeriOnce to develop a secure platform to digitize verified credentials. Encrypted tamper-proof wallet stores all uploaded documents. This blockchain technology helps employers and university admission officers combat fraudulent documentation.


Largest Ecosystem

The VeriOnce platform is globally scalable and has the ability to be the largest ecosystem of credentials worldwide. The platform can integrate with your HR Management System, eliminating the traditional background verification process. It is a must for a growing company with a stretched HR team.

Digital Credential Wallet


The VeriOnce digital wallet secures your academic credentials, work experience, and identity documents. You have complete autonomy over your digitized credentials, controlling who can access the data and how long they have access.VeriOnce stores all documents and data on encrypted blockchain technology.


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Frequently asked questions

VeriOnce is the platform of choice for digital credential verification and evaluation.

  • Our product suite includes:
  • Credential verification
  • Employment verification
  • Credentials Management

The platform is built exclusively for anyone with credentials and work experience that need to be verified by employers, universities, organizations, and agencies. It will seamlessly connect these stakeholders with you for the entirety of your career.

Our blockchain powered digital platform makes verification, authentic, efficient, and secure. Through the digitization of credentials, VeriOnce will help you land that job, make that great hire, or quickly process those 1800 student admission applications before the start of the year. It removes an outdated process and adds trust and legitimacy to credential verification.

Without a shadow of a doubt. We implement enterprise-grade blockchain technology to encrypt all documents. It is what sets us apart from competitors.

There are 3 types of authentication

1. Silver, offers authentication by educational agent

2. Gold, offers authentication by the Notary public

3. Platinum offers authentication by Issuers

VeriOnce offers the best price for your verification process. Silver authentication by educational agents incurs no fee on the platform. For gold and platinum authentications by the notary public and issuers respectively; charges vary based on the country and issuer.

Absolutely. Our trained and efficient VeriOnce team is here to help at any time of day. For help, please email our support team at support@verionce.com

Credential verification is required for university admission, gaining employment and immigration applications. If unsure, please check with the requestor if verified documents are accepted in digital form.