Veri Once has embarked on a groundbreaking venture in collaboration with the Government of Telangana, India.

Our innovative solutions have empowered Telangana's colleges by providing on-the-ground credential management services. Through this partnership, the Commissionerate of Collegiate Education (CCE) Government of Telangana State has successfully transitioned into the digital era, simplifying the issuance and verification of credentials.

Despite facing challenges such as limited access to technology, tight deadlines, and the vast expanse of the region, Veri Once has effectively worked with the Telangana education community to bridge the gap, bringing last-mile connectivity in the form of thousands of digital credentials.

We would like to especially thank the support provided by the Secretary of Education and CCE, senior staff of CCE and College Principles and the staff in making this innovative first a major success story.

Veri Once has empowered students with verified digital credentials securely stored in a blockchain-backed wallet, ensuring a lifetime of easy sharing with prospective employers.

By The Numbers

Implementation Time

3 weeks


Visits to 98 Government Colleges out of 134 (in progress)

Credentials Digitized and Verified

18,368 in three weeks

Projected Total Credentials for 2023


Timing and Geography

Coordinating visits to Government Colleges across Telangana's vast geography in a short time demanded meticulous planning and communication. In the three weeks between the time the certificate is published and the time it is issued by the College, Veri Once was able to digitize 15,000 credentials.


Not all Telangana State Colleges have the technology required to digitize certificates. In a very practical example of why last mile connectivity is challenging, Veri Once qualified staff provided scanning technology and onsite support to all colleges that required help travelling long distances from Hyderabad. The Veri Once qualified team scanned and uploaded the certificates under the college supervision to our Blockchain-secure platform, automatically creating a digital wallet for the students that can house and verify all their credentials including micro-credentials and work experience.

Change Management

The Veri Once team implemented change management techniques during this project to transition colleges and students from paper-based credentials to digital systems, which required overcoming technology related queries from various staff involved and ingrained processes. The team facilitated a seamless transition by providing comprehensive training and support to college staff and students, recognizing that success hinged on both technology and human factors in education innovation. Our ecosystem grew significantly in a short period of time, thanks to the cooperation and support of the Secretary of Education and CCE, senior staff of CCE and College Principles and the staff embracing Veri Once platform.

" Visiting many colleges and providing invaluable services to countless students has been a deeply enriching journey. We've provided concrete support and state-of-the-art technology to a substantial part of the community. Working closely with dedicated members of the education community has been profoundly rewarding, and together, we are reshaping the educational landscape of Telangana State.

The Veri Once platform has revolutionized how students share their credentials with verifiers. This initiative by the State government is a monumental step towards combating fraud and enhancing opportunities for genuine students."

Veri Once Operations Team Member, Santhosh Venna